• migRaven - clean up NTFS access rights

Do You need – 

- to clean or reorganize all rights of a share in one easy step ?

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- to migrate your file server with all your user accounts into a new structure (e.g. DFS) ?

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- to implement a new IDM and import all of your access right groups into it ?

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- to implement a rights management workflow and prepare the required structure ?

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- to migrate from Novell to a Microsoft system?

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…then you might have just found the right tool!


migRaven workflow



  • for administrators:

    • Get a periodical overview of the actual access right situation on your file servers
    • Migrate the access rights of entire shares or servers at once
    • Build up a new file structure with all the required access rights
    • Optimize your Novell migration (those difficult scripts are no longer needed)
    • Analyze your Active Directory framework, supported by migRaven’s unique graph database
  • for IT-Managers:

    • Huge time savings / fewer resources needed
    • Safer cost planning  for your next migration
    • Low training investment
  • for IT-Providers:

    • Standardized workflow
    • Minimized error rate
    • Simplified quality management
    • Higher competitiveness through lower consulting effort
    • Strongly reduced project lifetime

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