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2001 – IT Security and IT Consultation

In 2001 Thomas Gomell founded the company, a company, which primarily concerned itself with IT security problems of medium-sized companies and public authorities. Consultation, analysis of security problems and the integration of software solutions constitute the core area. In 2006 the merged with Headtechnology GmbH in Ludwigsburg. Till 2009 Thomas Gomell and his colleagues offered clients consultations in the German speaking area.

2009 – Administrative rights management on File servers

This year Thomas Gomell found a significant deficit in solutions with regard to rights administration on File server. The available software solutions at that time were either not proving to be sufficient in dealing with the ever increasing and important compliance requirements in companies and public administrations or if at all then with great efforts. Consequently Thomas Gomell founded in 2009 the GmbH and was decisively involved in the development of innovative solutions for the analysis and management of File server-rights 8MAN and 8MAN Visor. Till December 2010 Thomas Gomell took charge as the managing director of the GmbH and engaged himself in the setup of a partner network for the marketing and integration of his software.

After the successful setup of the marketing department and the partner network of the Thomas Gomell went on and founded GmbH, a special service provider in IT area with focus on administrative rights- management and analysis. The offers clients support and consultation by the implementation of compliance requirements, transfer of administrative rights and guides File server migration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Die GmbH präsentiert für die Migration vollständiger NTFS Verzeichnis- und Rechtestrukturen


Thomas Gomell faced the deficit in personalised tools in the migration area with his own solutions, which subsequently lead to the foundation of a separate processing unit: the development GmbH. The company oversees the development of innovative tools, which significantly help and support administrators in their work and free them from time consuming processes. For instance the tool migRaven: in the daily work the consultants at constantly faced the problem, that there was no practical solution for the setup and transfer of administrative rights structures. A client survey moreover showed that even the administrators regretted the absence of such a tool. Development embraced the problem and created migRaven: the ultimate tool for the setup and transfer of Microsoft complying administrative rights structures. 2.0 - das neue Multifunktionstool für Visualisierung, Redesign und Migration von NTFS Verzeichnis- und Berechtigungsstrukturen


The development GmbH has reached its aim with the release of the Version 2.0 of the multitool migRaven, i.e. to develop a software for integrated processing of the complete NTFS index and rights structures. Thanks to its simplified usability, quick visualisations and the secure simulation mode, 2.0 can now be used without a time consuming setup period. Subsequently we have handed over the reins to and are concentrating once again on consultations with clients, who are facing migration- and administrative rights projects. Another essential part of our work is to work out work-manuals for the varied implementation scenarios of and to publish these in our online handbook. This obviously does not cover every possible situation; therefore we are always available for further support and consultations. The development of continues however without a break and will expand its range of functions with detailed reports and further optimisation in the coming time.

To use the free version of migRaven please click on the following link and request your individual guided test installation. We will guide you step by step through the installation and configuration and will provide you insights into functions important for you.

get a migRaven trial license

With the demo version of you can visualise and analyse your NTFS rights and AD-objects and model your indexes and rights in the simulation mode according to your desire for 21 days. However the deploy process, which writes the complete-planned indexes and access rights in the Live system, is available only in the paid version. For the purchase of a full licence the test version can be unlocked and the prepared changes can be then simply implemented. development GmbH / / Tel: +49 (30) 8095010-40 / about us / terms / imprint