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We don´t leave you on your own“

The consultants of accompany you through the introduction of software, administrative rights concepts and with regards to file server migration. In the past few years we have strongly focussed our know-how in these areas and have accompanied a varied lot of companies. Here are a few opinions of our clients:


“Used for the implementation of administrative rights of a file server from local Windows 2000-user to 2012 domain structure, 2 days work together with an Aikux employee, it took 1 minute to deactivate the old server and the thing was done just like that – excellent tool together with on-site assistance, saves a lot of time, the rights upgraded to the new standards (just cleaned up everything) – what more does one want?”

Andreas Laux | IT manager | GEMAC GmbH | File server migration with migRaven


“The decision for was very sensible: our Novell- well-kept rights were neatly transferred to the new Windows system and were also instantly in the right format for the long term upkeep with 8MAN. Everything went off on schedule and without any disruption to the internal processes; the collaboration with was professional and comfortable. One can´t desire anything more…”

Heinz-Josef Wolters | Manager Networks | VESTOLIT GmbH | & 8MAN


“ Only a few days went by between the first contact to the first discussion meeting in Mainova office. The operational requirements in order to minimise negative impacts on the operations in view of the tight time plan was very well understood by aikux. In the implementation phase the professional and aim-driven collaboration of aikux with other involved service providers convinced us especially. Not everything can be 100% planned and paid attention to in a project. Individual personalisation of the product and migration procedure was quickly undertaken and implemented through frictionless teamwork between the consultants on site and the development team in the back office. The migration project was implemented successfully in high quality and in a time bound manner with minimal downtime for the user.”

Christoph Saar | Area-Spezialist manager RZ-Betrieb und Druckdienste | Mainova AG | Migration mit migRaven




migRaven success stories:

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Novell Migration, 2800 Users – migRaven at Mainova AG



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