Flexible Permission Group Structures


Customization according to your own requirements

With migRaven.one you can automatically create the name and description of the generated permission groups flexibly according to your own parameters. Also, issues like exotic permissions can be easily remapped and standardized. Thus, individual requests and different requirements for future permission groups are achieved in accordance with the applicable best practices.


Permissions always according to Microsoft Best Practice

NTFS permissions under Microsoft create a real challenge. According to current recommendations, this must always be edited using special permission groups. migRaven.one automatically generates all groups according to your specific requirements, adds the desired users or groups and sets the permission groups in the appropriate ACL.

What is left for you, is only the definition of the users or groups which must have a specific permission for a specific directory. The rest is automatically implemented by migRaven. It couldn’t be easier. In addition, it makes no difference whether you have to work on the permissions for a single directory or for several hundred directories. Group types, names, storage location in the AD, prefixes, suffixes and separators can be flexibly defined.



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