Editing Permissions via Drag & Drop

Easily clean up your file server permissions

You must clean up your historically evolved NTFS permissions or migrate them, but you do not know how to start? No problem – the intuitive drag and drop mode will free you from the constraints of the complex group structures which, thanks to migRaven, are generated automatically in the background.

In the new drag and drop mode, complete folder structures and their permissions can be edited with a mouse click. For instance, it is possible to display the current directory structure and use it to create a draft of the future folder- and permission structure on this basis. Here, folders can be transferred or replaced and the allocation of permissions is done automatically. Users or groups can be dragged to directories to authorize them. In addition, migRaven.one automatically looks in the background to create underlying permission groups and adjusts everything dynamically. The administrator can also, for instance, in association with Data Owners and department managers, directly look into individual needs and requirements. The comparison of actual and target structures and various assistances, for example, a clipboard for permissions, will make your work much easier with the drag and drop mode.

Drag and Drop permissions


  • Clean up NTFS permissions

    End your authorisation chaos

    migRaven.one identifies inconsitent NTFS-permissions and transfers them, in accordance with the administrator's specifications, into a new, clean permission structure. Permission groups, including tedious list permissions, are automatically built in migRaven´s Sandbox without causing any downtime to the production system.

  • Introduction of 8MAN

    From Installation to Integration

    Installation of 8MAN Access Rights Management is easily done. But if one wants to work with it efficiently, the existing, often historically evolved, directory and authorization structure must first be reorganized. Because migRaven.one can make 8MAN compatable conversions of even the largest of structures (and in the shortest of times) it has become the official integration tool for 8MAN.

  • Introducing an IDM-system

    Clear permissions from the first day

    IDM & rights management systems often provide sophisticated workflows that can greatly simplify authorization assignment and involve them data owners. In order to establish these processes, however, the system must be based on the existing access rights. Fits to this previously with migRaven.one of which can greatly simplify integration.

  • Remove direct access rights

    Find and replace them fully automatically

    Direct permissions on NTFS-file servers undermine the approach, to depict access rights with groups. The overview is lost, the administration and revocation of the access rights are hardly to be managed. migRaven.one can identify and transfer all direct permissions in consistent group affiliations.

  • Revise your directory structures

    Data, data and even more data

    If the file services are not structured clearly, employees quickly create their own, parallel directories. At this point, the amount of data can multiply itself in the shortest time, making it hard for the user to work efficiently. migRaven.one can reduce the complexity of your directory tree while ensuring properly set NTFS permissions.

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