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Our consultants are readily available on:

  • Project management
  • Consulting and conceptualisation
  • Technical implementation and Integration

Within the last years, the GmbH has gathered intensive practical experience in file server migration projects. For us, a migration is not a hurdle but the opportunity for a fresh start, because older file servers almost always show historically evolved folder- and permission-structures and lots of old and redundant data! This does not only stress your hardware, but it impairs the working efficiency of every user in your company! We have set ourselves a target: Whenever we accompany a file server redesign or migration project, the most important thing to achieve is a significant increase in user efficiency. To fulfil this promise, we utilize the migration to clean up folder structures, access right groups and your data. If you carry out your migration with us, this could be your migration plan:

The aikux migration plan:

(Please use the hyperlinks in the migration plan to learn more about any given topic.
For readability issues, we did not underline the links.)





1. Achieve transparency
  • Collect all permission data
  • if coming from Novell, import your trustees with automatic, complete conversion into the Microsoft world
  • Overview of all effective (!) permissions
  • Identify Problems and sources of error
  • Define solutions

2. Define new structures
  • Create, compare, optimize and validate new folder- and permission-structures
  • Small changes are as easy as complete redesigns
  • Easily check your new permissions and enjoy the automatic creation of all permission groups, complying with the latest standards and best practices
  • Full project simulation without influence to the live System

3. Deloy new structures
  • Write new folder structures with a complete permission structure on a new share on your file server (we call this the “green meadow”)
  • All corresponding permission groups are written into the AD

4. Replicate data
  • Transfer all data from your old directories to the new share
  • This can be done automatically with Robocopy scripts generated by migRaven
  • For time critical szenarios, we can implement a more powerful real time replication

5. Repair broken links
  • We can assure automatic measures against broken links inside your files to avoid data loss

6. Switch to the new share
  • The administrator can now easily replace the old share with the new share, which is a safe and even reversible
  • Users continue their work with optimized folders and permissions
  • No downtime, no time pressure, no surprises

You can do this on your own

7. Managing permissions in the long term?
  • Your new file server share now contains, simply put, an optimized folder structure with perfectly set permissions
  • From our experience, this is the time to establish an access rights management system with the very smallest effort

Download as pdf document: aikux_migration_plan.pdf

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