migRaven.one Editions

migRaven.one for Windows

migRaven is probably the only tool on the market that allows you to restructure complex file server directory structures and grant completely new permissions according to Microsoft Best Practice. It does not matter whether there are only small directory structures with few hundred or many thousand authorization endpoints (directories with explicit authorizations).

– Extremely flexible – migRaven.one Redesign Project –

migRaven.one Redesign Edition is right for you, if in addition to resetting user permissions on your windows-based systems, you also intend to migrate, and possibly restructure the fileserver…

– Extremely fast: migRaven.one GPO Project –

migRaven.one can be particularly useful to you if you’re planning on creating new permissions without restructuring the file server itself. The migRaven.one GPO (Group Policy Object) Edition uses an extremly fast approach that allows migRaven.one to enroll permissions for millions of files with hundreds of permission end points not in days, but usually in less than one hour.

– Extremly efficient: migRaven.one Data Owner Module –

In order to optimize matching between the departments migRaven.one provides you with an additional web-client for data owners that integrates the departments directly into the ongoing migration. As an administrator you simply share the network-resource to the respective data owner with modification rights and import the results in your project.



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