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migRaven.one for Windows Data Owner

During a file server migration, the responsible IT staff is confronted with data from other departments whose structure, background and importance they do not know. This is why they are not regularly able to decide how to deal with this data in such a project. Nor are the departments’ internal work processes generally known to IT.

Appropriate decisions can only be made by an employee of the department who knows both the structures and the way of working. This so-called data owner (DO) should be actively involved in the migration project.

«migRaven.one = migRaven.one + Data Owner Integration» M. Meyer, Marketing, aikux.com GmbH

Only with his knowledge, IT can implement the following tasks in the knowledge that no important data has been deleted or the workflow of the departments has been disturbed:

  • Restructuring the data structure towards a flat structure.

    This increases efficiency in the use of the company data.
  • A cleanup of unused or incorrect folder permissions.

    This increases the security of the company data.
  • A cleanup of unused inheritance interruptions.

    This simplifies administrative work both in the IT department and in the department itself, and provides a better overview of the folder permissions.

Migraven.one uses the data owner module to help solve this problem by actively integrating the departments in the process of restructuring and, at the same time, providing the necessary tools to make the right decisions. Assign the network resources to the respective data owner as the administrator of the project and then insert the results seamlessly into the project.

The DO module provides the data owner with much-needed information about the directories and data. Using data such as the data age, the date of the last modification or the data composition, the data owner can better decide which data is actually used productively.


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