Clean up your directory structures


Data, data and even more data

If the file services are not structured clearly, the employees quickly create their own, parallel directories. If this point is reached, the database can multiply itself in the shortest time, simultaneously the efficient work and the clean allocation of access rights become impossible. Here helps, even if everything seems out of control.


  1. Analysis of the existing data and directories

  2. Designing of the new, clear directory structure

  3. Creation of the directories with automatically clean access rights

  4. Replication of the data in the new directories


With the existing directory structures can be read in and directly analysed in migRaven, in order to recognize the problems. Here the approach has established itself as the most efficient way, to construct a parallel, new directory structure in the sandbox. At the touch of a button then creates the new directory structure (for e.g. as new share) and automatically assigns all the necessary access rights. If one replicates the old data in the new structure now, only the share is required to be “exchanged”, so that all the involved employees can work further on the new directory structure without interruption.


Screen fuer Button

In addition to that supports you with a clear, graphical interface, sets old and new directories with respect to each other and makes it possible to revise the access authorities also in the same working step. The replication of the data in the new share further offers the chance to sort out old, unused and redundant files.



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