Identify and remove direct access rights


And replace them with authorization groups fully automatically

Direct authorizations on NTFS file servers undermine the Approach, to depict the access rights about the groups. The overview is lost, administration and the withdrawal of these access rights are hardly to be managed. can identify all direct authorizations and automatically transfer them in consistent group affiliations.


Because the direct authorizations can be administered hardly with Microsoft on-board tools, it is difficult to comprehend, who has which rights where. That leads to that, that direct authorizations are not eliminated anymore, the user retains these access rights, even if he for e.g. changes the department. A reasonable authorization structure must thus create authorization groups! But if one wants that all access rights adjust appropriately, then one stands in front of a project, which would require a lot of handwork even in small companies for weeks or months.

With migRaven you will be fine within a few hours! reads in all the permissions, identifies direct authorizations and transfers them automatically in a clean group structure, according to the standards of the administrator. Additionally with the effective permissions can be cleared of old, redundant or false entries in the same working step.

  1. Read into all permissions in the shortest time

  2. Automatically transfer direct authorizations in the authority groups

  3. Writing of the revised NTFS– rights into the AD and directories



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Instruction sheet @  access rights Workshop | free trial license

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