Implementing DFS


And further changes to the file service structure

A distributed file system and similar changes of the file services often make an adjustment of directories and access rights necessary. Optimize your structures directly in the graphical surface of fast and simple and let all the necessary changes of the access rights be managed automatically by migRaven.


Many administrators from the former Novell- world remember the comfort with melancholy, which they had enjoyed there: If for e.g. a user needed access rights in the 15th directory level, then one had established this permission and the file system had taken care of everything further, which was necessary for that. It was ensured, that the user could find its way from the share down to these directories and that he gets the appropriate access. For that neither the construction of authorization groups nor the configuration of list permissions was necessary.

In the world of Microsoft, things are different:

Here everything must be made manually and every dependency must be thought about. Due to this reason one should establish structures. They have the potential for optimal permissions, but they do not work with the principle “never tough again”. It occurs regularly, that a company is restructured and therefore all the directory trees must be changed. And at this point it starts off again with the construction of the permissions. Above all the list permissions, which are needed for browsing through the directory tree, in order to attain the actual directory, are to be generated with on-board tools only with big expenditure.



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Every change on the directory structure makes changes in the permissions necessary.

This is the strength of migRaven: The group assistant takes care of everything! For you it feels like Novell, and better: In one run you assign for many directories and takes care of everything that is necessary. The creation of the authorization groups for the directory belongs to – for e.g. a group for “reading permissions” and one for “change” and even the necessary list permissions. And in the end all permissions are to set in the directory tree – automatically and correct. Let everything be constructed fully automatically and in one go by migRaven. What lasted for weeks earlier, is managed by in the shortest time.

  1. Read into all directories and permissions in the shortest time

  2. Optimize the directory structure directly in migRaven

  3. Automatic construction of all new access rights according to the Microsoft Best Practices

  4. Writing of the revised NTFS- rights in the directories

  5. Replication of the data in the new directories



Instruction sheet @ | access rights workshop | free trial license


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