Preparing the integration of an IDM workflow


Start with clean authorities from the first day

Identity- and rights- management- systems often provide with elaborated workflows, which can make the allocation of authorizations considerably easier and simultaneously bind in the data owner. In order to establish these processes, the system must position the existing access rights. If one adjusts these beforehand with migRaven, this can make the integration considerably easy.


These systems offer flexible approaches when using workflows. But unfortunately it is mostly short of possibilities, to independently construct the directory- and authorization systems and above all to keep up the consistency. At this point assesses and prepares all structures and arranges for that, that the workflow can draft clean access rights. Like this during the integrations phase costs can be considerably saved by migRaven, because elaborate adjustments on the IDM system are cancelled.


In addition to that is compatible to a variety of IDM systems and can deliver that exactly, what is missing in most of the IDM systems: the direct connection to the file system. Utilizing this information, for e.g. directories, explicit permissions and authorization groups is provided in a list. These lists can be directly used for the import in your IDM- solution.


  1. Read into all directories and permissions in the shortest time

  2. Optimize the directory structure directly in migRaven

  3. Automatically build the new NTFS access rights

  4. Write all access rights into the AD and the directories

  5. Importing of the clean data and access rights in your IDM



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Compatible systems

  • Varonis DataPrivilege
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • Dell One Identity Manager (Quest)
  • Tools4ever
  • Omada Access Management
  • Forefront Identity Manager
  • others




Instruction sheet @ | access rights workshop | free trial license


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