What is New in migRaven.one

This is new in migRaven.one

migRaven.one will soon be available. Read about the new version here and arrange a personal test of the software if you want.

In the migration project or the server merge, it often turns out that data and authorizations can not be simply moved one by one from A to B, but rather have to be adapted to directory and legal structures.

The responsible IT employees are confronted with data from other departments whose structure, background and importance they do not know. In addition, internal work processes are generally not known. The IT can not act autonomously because of the lack of information and is dependent on information from the departments by the data owner if they do not want to run the risk of deleting important data or disturbing the workflow of the departments.

In order to simplify reconciliation processes between the departments, migRaven.one comes with Data Owner Client, which integrates the departments directly into the processes. Simply assign the network resources to the respective data owner as the administrator of the project and insert the results seamlessly into the project!

migRaven.one greatly simplifies the collaboration between IT and departmental departments by providing a web application for the inclusion of the data owner. MigRaven also provides valuable information about the directories and data in its area, which help the user to make informed decisions.

Web app for data owners: visualize, analyze and restructure data.

Through the web app, the data owners access the assigned folders and releases of their department directly, where they can analyze the data and authorization structure and adapt it according to their requirements. This requires no installation on the client system, and the resources are allocated automatically on the basis of the active Windows logon.

MigRaven.one then provides valuable additional information in the web app, such as the number, size, and age structure of the data in the directories. Thus, not only
outdated data can be more easily localized and, if necessary, sorted out, but overall better decisions can be made in the restructuring process.

Web app for data owners: Analyze and restructure user rights.

At the same time, the existing authorizations on the controlled directories can be quickly checked and, if necessary, adapted. The user benefits from a user interface that quickly and clearly displays the really relevant information.

Changes made by the data owner are stored in the database of migRaven.one and are not executed until the deployment process of migRaven.one in the desktop application is started by the responsible administrator.

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