Immediately save time, reduce costs.

With migRaven.24/7 File server plugin

Find unproductive data, incorrect authorizations and those responsible for data with our file system analysis.

Give the administration of the data and authorizations to the responsible departments and assign responsibility.

Reduce the amount of data and streamline the structures: Find documents quickly again instead of long searches!

Create an overview on the file server and all employees save up to 60 minutes of working time every day when handling the data.

Take back control of your data and permissions.

With migRaven.24/7 introduce an easy-to-implement data and authorization management on your file server.

  • You reduce the active data stocks in the long term to the data that you really need,
  • They increase transparency and improve the overview for users,
  • This reduces costs and increases the security of data access and user satisfaction.

Every minute of wasted time every day costs you more than migRaven.24/7