Analysis, Migration & Management

For Active Directory and file systems

Strategic management

For Active Directory and file systems

Efficient migration

For Windows file systems and SharePoint


Future-proof with data lifecycle management migRaven.24/7 manages data from creation to deletion

Our software offers extensive functions for analyzing the data and authorization structure, for user-controlled reduction of the amount of data (intelligent archiving), for authorization management and for secure, internal file sharing.

Collaboration on the file server! Why, surely.

No matter how big the company is: Employees increasingly have to exchange their data flexibly with one another and work with it together. Enhanced with Folder Self Service migRaven.24/7 the file server for precisely this flexibility in data access that has become necessary: ​​every employee can create a folder himself with just a few clicks and specify which colleagues can read or write it. [more]

Authorization management in the Access Manager

The focus is on the forward-looking data owner concept: data managers (data owners or data officers) are used who have the authority to decide who needs access to which files. 

The focus here is on standardization and automation. Standardization means that migRaven.24/7 that sets legislation within the framework of narrow specifications based on clearly defined standards. The setting of rights is automated and is traceable and audit-proof at all times. [more]

Exit strategy for data

Data Retention is our exit strategy for your data. FFor a lean directory structure and efficient work with current data. Old folders and files disappear from view, but remain accessible with one click. Together with the consistent revision of all access rights according to Microsoft Best Practices migRaven.24/7 Data Retention a holistic cleanup process of your file server and AD structures. [more]


data management with migRaven.24/7

  • Full support of the data owner approach
  • Intelligent rule-based archiving
  • Exit strategy for your data
  • Creation and maintenance of more efficient structures
  • Creation of folders as self-service
  • Authorization management by specialist department
  • Relief of the IT department
  • Comprehensive access control
  • Complete documentation

What you should have "on the slip" of a file server migration

  • Data quality and integrity
  • Impact on business
  • Costs
  • Impact on user experience
  • Who can make binding decisions regarding the data? (data owner)
  • Links within files
  • Links to files (shortcuts)
  • Application directories

Migration and consolidation of data and permissions for Windows is the proven software for Data migrations between Windows, DFS (AD), EMC and Netapp systems and to SharePoint. is our software for the migration of your Windows file server with its often historically grown directories and complex authorization structures. Up to 80% of this data is usually ROT data, i.e. redundant, obsolete or trivial. VMany permissions belong to long-orphaned accounts or are otherwise obsolete or even worse not correct. [more]

Analyze data and permissions


An intelligent enterprise data management and migration strategy requires an analytics-first approach that ensures you know what data is in what classes and tiers.

Make informed decisions

This helps administrators, Data Owners and possibly also users to gain an understanding of the data structures or their own data and to make informed decisions. [more]

Analysis of file servers and Active Directory