IT Skills Shortage - Serious Consequences, Simple Solution?

Over 80.000 IT positions cannot be filled in Germany because there is a shortage of skilled workers. Many companies and employees feel the effects every day: their own IT department is understaffed, overloaded and their resources are often tied up for tasks that are urgently needed elsewhere.

A shortage of IT specialists harbors major security risks

The consequences are far-reaching: in addition to increasing attacks from outside (malware, ransomware, Dos / DDos attacks), the internal security risk also increases, as there are too few specialists for too many administrative tasks. Among other things, the shortage of IT specialists becomes apparent when it comes to managing access authorizations or filing files.

In many medium-sized companies, an admin performs routine tasks on demand, such as creating an exchange folder and setting access permissions. This approach not only ties up resources that are urgently needed elsewhere, it is also extremely error-prone and, among other things, favors data theft by employees (e.g. in the case of exchange folders with patient information in general access).

However, this handling also has another negative consequence: file server users cannot work effectively in this way. They cannot create their own folders for internal file sharing, access rights are missing and they are too lax. In addition, the data structure is chaotic: a lot of data is currently anchored in confusing and faulty structures and makes daily work slow and inefficient.

Release IT staff instead of hiring new ones - Use the competence of the users!

A sensible measure in this context is the purchase of our data management software migRaven.24/7in order to automate file management or place it in the hands of the user and in this way free up valuable IT resources.

migRaven.24/7 cares with the function Data Retention explained for an automated, regular outflow of outdated data from the productive system. By integrating the specialist departments in this process, data management issues are brought into the workforce and acceptance is significantly increased.

With the Folder Self Service All users can manage their newly created data themselves - right up to the secure sharing with colleagues - and give them a runtime right from the start, after which the data is automatically removed again.

So let the employees take on important file management tasks that are part of the project / team! This makes working on the file server safe and effective again - and relieves your IT, which is free for important technical problems.

Expert webinar on the topic on Tuesday, October 26.10th at 10 a.m.

Find out why it makes sense to actively involve the user in assigning authorizations and organizing file storage. Our expert Thomas Gomell explains how this works in an interview with Karsten Morschett.

One thing is clear: every user of the file system is more familiar with their own area of ​​responsibility and the associated data than the IT department.

If this knowledge is used, working on the file server becomes safer and sources of error are eliminated - and Your IT massively relieved.

Part 1) Expert webinar from 10: 00-10: 30 a.m.
Part 2) Live demo migRaven.24/7 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (participation optional)

The access data get on our Webinar page.

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Get in migraven.24/7 testConvince yourself of migRaven.24/7.

  • migRaven Analyzer offers various reports and lets you quickly differentiate between obsolete data and relevant data.
  • With migRaven Data Retention move this superfluous data to the archive.
  • And thanks to ours Folder Self Service From now on you can only create directories with the appropriate permissions.

You will find an overview of all functions here.