5 points for successful data managementRelevant data at a glance instead of mountains of data on the file server

The amount of data on corporate file servers is currently doubling every two to three years - and the trend is increasing. According to a study by the IDC, the global data volume should be an incredible 2025 zettabytes by 175. If you consider that only approx. 10 to 20 percent of all company data is relevant, an "exit strategy for obsolete data" becomes more and more urgent in order to be able to guarantee efficient work for all users of the file system. Our whitepaper shows five best practices to end the data chaos.


Today companies and their employees store as much data as possible, but this flood of data is associated with a great challenge. The search for relevant data can become a proverbial search for the needle in a haystack, which affects the effectiveness and motivation of the employees.

But also on the technical side, storing, securing and managing the amount of data requires high resources. Last but not least, given the fact that affordable storage will become scarce in the coming years, intelligent data management is essential.

This white paper shows you how you can regain control of your important data despite the enormous amounts of data. The best practices aim at, among other things

  • Why you should start with data management now.
  • How to find relevant data and the obsolete data trennen can.
  • Why the involvement of the specialist departments is crucial for success.
  • Which tools and techniques support you in the automated cleaning up of your mountains of data.
5 points for successful data management

by Thomas Gomell, CEO of migRaven GmbH
Released April 2020


This white paper uses five best practices to show you how to use data management to find your way out of your data labyrinth and thus significantly increase the efficiency and security of your data.