Systematic orderSo the IT administrator migRaven.24/7 rated

"migRaven.24/7 is ideal for medium and large companies to relieve the IT department, save costs and achieve a more effective self-administration of the directories. "(IT administrator, issue 03/2020)

The IT-Administrator magazine has our software migRaven.24/7 tested and the result published in the current March issue (03/2020). So much in advance: The evaluation of migRaven.24/7 has been very positive and not only confirms that we are on the right track with our business software, but also shows that our concept of user-centered data management represents real support for administrators and specialist departments in times of unchecked data growth.

Against what background migRaven.24/7 is used

The IT administrator already described at the beginning that many administrators are constantly expanding the storage capacities in order to get a grip on data growth. But that is not a long-term solution. Our software shows that there is another way migRaven.24/7, In this way, IT administrators create order in the data chaos and at the same time help employees to manage their files and directories themselves.

This is the conclusion of the IT administrator

The target group of migRaven.24/7 are companies with about 200 employees or smaller companies, such as media companies, if they are very data-intensive. Because it's about getting large amounts of files under control. With the software, we came a lot closer to the goal of outsourcing data that is no longer required and keeping a directory and data structure simpler. But the developers cannot do magic either, so the responsibility for the correct handling ultimately rests with the users. migRaven.24/7 however, provides exactly the tools that enable employees to assume this responsibility.

The entire test by IT administrator can be downloaded here

You are welcome to download the 5-page test report from the IT administrator. Learn more about the areas of application of migRaven.24/7, the test scenario and the individual Functions.

Systematic order

by Sandro Luzifora
In IT administrator 3/2020, p. 26ff.


Optimal for medium and large companies to relieve the IT department, save costs and achieve more effective self-administration of the directories.

conditioned as pure archiving, since the possibilities of folder self-service are not taken into account.

Nicht as a data backup solution.