With migRaven.24/7 to the user-friendly and efficient file server

migRaven.24/7 used for? daily work with the file server is easier, faster and safer. For Users, for administrators & for its Uncompany.

Administrators and data owners receive an overview of data and file structures with the help of suitable analysis tools and can easily find out who is accessing which data Access hat. With the "Data Retention" function, all users of the file server can now have their old data separated independently without necessarily deleting the data. And with the help of the integrated “Folder Self Service”, the specialist departments are able to exchange data across departments with exchange and team folders. Correctly set access rights as well as a massive relief of IT are included.

The most important functions are now available as an extension of the familiar file explorer.


With migRaven.24/7 Introduce a holistic data management concept on the file server that reduces the amount of data in the long term, increases transparency for users and IT, and thereby lowers the administrative costs of the data and the security risk.

  • Employees can finally find what they are looking for and save up to 20 days a year.
  • The migRaven.24/7 Exit strategy for unstructured data reduces the number of documents with the approval of the departments. The value of the data is sustainably increased - the file service is becoming more attractive again.
  • migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service for secure exchange folders reduces the administrative workload of the IT department and frees your specialists from time-consuming routine tasks. 
Data Lifecycle Management

by migRaven GmbH
Released in July 2023