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migRaven podcastDoes a butcher meet a beer sommelier in IT

Thomas Gomel is CEO of migRaven GmbH and developer of numerous software solutions around the topic of file servers. For over 20 years he has been working as an entrepreneur in the field of IT security for large companies and was, among other things, significantly involved in the development of 8MAN authorization management. From a large number of projects around file serversmigration and -konsolidation he knows today the challenges and solutions like no other Zcontinue. However, he started his career atypically with training for Butcher in the family business.

Karsten Morschett is a trained banker, specialist in marketing and management and an actor who is always keen to discover new things. He uses his communication and organizational skills as Partnermanager for migRaven. Since he likes to brew beer in his spare time and has been a certified beer sommelier since 2017, he now regularly invites you to a beer for the IT talk "Does a butcher meet a beer sommelier".

behind the scenes at migraven's own podcast

Episode 03 - Kaizen - 5 small steps to better work

In the new episode "Kaizen - 5 small steps to better work" (duration: 15 min) Karsten Morschett and Thomas Gomell talk about Kaizen as a method for better work on the file server. Kaizen is a Japanese management method that aims to optimize behavior and processes in small steps. And this time too, Karsten Morschet presents a beer that goes with the topic.

In the podcast, the philosophy of Kaizen is presented and overlaps with important principles in handling data volumes on the file server are shown.

Episode 02 - Von says Butcher to the file server

In the second episode, Karsten Morschett brings a particularly strong beer and sheds light on the professional career of migRaven CEO Thomas Gomell. How did the successful IT expert first complete an apprenticeship as a butcher? And to what extent does this still help him today in customer contact?

You can also find out in our Christmas edition, what defines migRaven GmbH, why chaos on file servers is a human problem and why psychological aspects often determine the success of IT projects.

Episode 01 - Research and File Server

Karsten Morschett brings the right beer with him on the subject of "Research and File Server" and asks Thomas Gomell why one shouldn't "care" about the chaos on the file server and how one can take away users' fear of separating from familiar folder structures and unnecessary files .

In our first episode, you will get to know the current research project "Dare2Del" at the University of Bamberg, which focuses on supporting employees in administration and production in regulating their digital knowledge by hiding irrelevant digital objects such as files or sensor data and be deleted.