migRaven.24/7 podcast,
Episode 02 "From the butcher shop to the file server"

That's what episode 02 is about

In this episode I would like to Partnermanager shed light on the professional career of CEO Thomas Gomell. He invented and created numerous software solutions and is also a trained butcher. The beer of choice this time fell on a malty-aromatic bock beer with 8,2 vol% and made for a relaxed round.

Professional career of CEO Thomas Gomell

How did Thomas Gomell and migRaven GmbH become experts in data and authorization management?

The answer is clear: Thomas Gomell and his team have been dealing with data and authorization management for 15 years - and are professionally cleaning up other people's chaos. Thomas Gomell's team already deals with the customer's actual problem in the conception phase. What psychological aspects are behind the fact that the customers concerned find themselves in chaotic structures? What methods and tools can be used to tackle this problem? Only those who understand how the chaos came about will be able to find a sustainable solution.

The migRaven team is made up of employees who come from very different areas. Exactly this diversity is part of the success of migRaven. Thomas Gomell can also look back on a varied professional life: at the age of 14, he developed the C64 built by Commodore, the first ERP system for his parents' butcher's business. This was followed by training as a master butcher and in the commercial area. After working as a commercial manager at a large insurance company and in e-procurement, Thomas Gomell founded his first IT company at the age of 30.

The most exciting thing for Thomas Gomell has been and has been since his youth: developing solutions for people's problems. Even if he often found out that sometimes people are just not ready for it.

Psychological aspects lead to chaos on filing systems

Chaos reigns not only on file servers, but on all filing systems - different from industry, size or region. More choice of filing systems only promotes chaos.

In order to approach the problem, the psychological aspect is important, because: Strictly speaking, chaos on file servers is not a technical, but a human problem. Who likes to clean up? The pain of separation or the fear of making mistakes also play a role here.

However, clean structures are positive for everyone. After tidying up, a feeling of happiness arises, even with a tidy data structure. The customers are then happy, relieved and can work more freely.

The data storage structure has a direct impact on all employees. Therefore it is very important for the success of IT projects for a better data structure to involve all users with their fears. And the solution must be so user-centered and practicable that all departments in the company want to work with it in order to be able to ensure order in the file system over the long term.