migRaven - from migration tool to data management solution

How it all began

The history of today's migRaven GmbH goes back to 2001, when our CEO, Thomas Gomell, founded his first company in the field of IT security. When working with the customers' networks, a large deficit in the area of ​​authorization management on Windows file servers quickly became apparent. 

With on-board tools from Microsoft Windows, the authorizations for thousands of users and tens of thousands of directories were practically impossible to manage. As managing director of Protected Network GmbH, Thomas Gomell developed his idea of ​​efficient authorization management according to best practices to product maturity and brought a real innovation to the market in 2010 with the 8MAN software. 

Order creates transparency

In the course of many projects for the introduction of 8MAN and other Identity & Access Management systems such as tenfold, it again became apparent that the systems should be cleaned up beforehand for the sensible introduction of authorization management. The increased chaos on the machines, which have been managed manually for twenty or more years, mostly without long-term concepts, is too big. Often the simple question "Who has access to this folder" was no longer easy to answer for a normal administrator. 

With the company aikux.com and the software migRaven.one we have been addressing since 2010 precisely this problem and enabled our customers to thoroughly clean up their systems before the introduction of 8MAN or tenfold. With migRaven.one In short, the data of a file server could be migrated into newly created directory structures with corrected authorizations. And that with a predictable and manageable effort.

For many companies that had lost control of their file systems, this was and is often the liberating cut. 

migRaven.24/7 for all users of the file system

But nevertheless: The more data and directories are available, the more effort every company naturally means, which is to bring structure and transparency to grown file systems again.

And practice shows: Around 80% of the data on the file systems is redundant, obsolete and / or trivial, i.e. without any use for day-to-day work. Actually, you could safely do without it if you only knew how to get rid of this part of the data in a safe and easy way.

And here comes ours migRaven.24/7 into the game, the software suite that brings together all the important aspects of previous development and adds a central aspect: the user. migRaven.24/7 offers - in addition to tools for administrators and data owners - with the functions Folder Self Service for secure data exchange and Data Retention explained two functions for data archiving that enable the user to operate the file server easily and safely and to dispose of old data safely. 

That means it's easier to work together. Safe, efficient and sustainable.