Clean up and save with intelligent data management

Data is often referred to as the “gold of the digital age”, but not all data are the same.

Every day there is unstructured data that is never classified and for which there are no defined storage locations. They have been piling up on company servers for many years, making storage space increasingly scarce and causing costs in many ways.

What is a thorn in the side of the users every day: Long search times, errors due to incorrect file versions, waiting times when accessing the archive or when creating appropriately authorized directories by IT. That costs your company thousands of euros per year for each employee - and represents the biggest cost factor in data management period.

Video: How data management lowers your costs


28.05.2021/18/15 | XNUMX:XNUMX minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell (Enterprise Architect)

The cost savings plan with migRaven.24/7 includes:

1. An improved technical infrastructure through automated data reduction

  • less memory,
  • faster backups,
  • less hardware,
  • less energy consumption.

2. Lower labor costs for employees Self-administration of data and authorizations

  • Overview and transparency,
  • Relief of the IT department.

3. Avoiding costs through better compliance

  • Avoidance of fines due to data protection violations,
  • Avoidance of damage to the reputation,
  • Avoidance of data loss due to data theft / backup problems.

Practice demo: This is how you can help migRaven.24/7 save on cleaning up your data and costs


28.05.2021/11/35 | XNUMX:XNUMX minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell (Enterprise Architect)

More information in the whitepaper

We have put all the information together for you in the whitepaper "Reducing costs through data management".
Here it goes to the download.

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