Intelligent archiving for file systemsWith migRaven.24/7 Data Retention explained

Drastically simplify the data structure of your file server,
Gain working time and save storage costs.

To do this, the old data is moved to where it is not More are in the way, but remain accessible if necessary. With the Data Retention feature, we make three promises to users:

  1. The old data remain accessible
  2. The simple way it works is can also be used without in-depth IT knowledge
  3. Handling the remaining data becomes significantly more efficient

Old data in the AWS cloud

What remains are the growing costs for storage and backup of the archive - and this is where Amazon's AWS Storage comes in! AWS is downright dirt cheap when it comes to storage and backup of unused data. Terabytes can be saved and backed up for a few hundred euros a year - including direct access from the file system familiar to all users. >> Find out more

Escape from the data maze in two minutes. Thomas Gomell (Enterprise Architect)

If you don't act now, you lose.

Escape from the data maze in four minutes. Thomas Gomell (Enterprise Architect)

Data growth is 30-40% per year!

As early as 2009, the Fraunhofer Institute found in the Office Work study:

"As a special "Performance Killer" has become the daily search for Documents and documents proved in the office. Of all the participants surveyed, almost 40% need more than half an hour a day just to search for required, work-relevant documents, data, messages and documents."

Research field "Intentional Forgetting"

In the "Intentional Forgetting" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) given the problem Computer science and psychology jointly researched how human conscious forgetting works and how forgetting can be implemented in computer systems. Learn more...

The file server revolution

Remove the mountain of data - save time and money.

  • Can be integrated into the running system
  • Minimal effort in daily operation
  • Plugin compatible with all MS file systems

Calculate your ROI

Use our price calculator and compare your individual savings potential with the license costs for migRaven.
Explained in three minutes: the cost of the mountain of data. Thomas Gomell (Enterprise Architect)

Every minute of wasted time every day costs you more than migRaven.24/7

Also works on your file server

Plugin installed in next to no time, time savings from day one!

With migRaven.24/7 introduce an easy-to-implement data and authorization management on your file server.

  • You reduce the active data stocks in the long term to the data that you really need,
  • They increase transparency and improve the overview for users,
  • This reduces costs and increases the security of data access and user satisfaction.