Folder Self ServiceSelf-administration of exchange and team folders

If employees from different departments work together on a project, the question often arises of a suitable file storage or shared folders. For these situations there are in many companies exchange directories that all users can access. But many of the data shared there are sensitive, personal, secret.

Internal file sharing via global, unregulated exchange directories can hardly be surpassed in terms of uncertainty.

Users can independently use the Folder Self Service through their web browser and create directories for their teams or projects that assign access permissions to specific people and even determine when to automatically remove the created shared folder. This will be migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service meets the high demand for dynamic, cross-departmental file exchange while meeting all security requirements.

Examples of usage

  • Exchange folder with automatic deletion of the directory, the possibility to extend its runtime, to create the directories on a certain share. For example: automatic deletion of said folder after 7 days and DOs can extend its runtime twice for 2 days.
  • Process directory is in one sspecial process folder on Share x at location y. Authorizations are created individually.
  • Project folder for storing all project-related data with individual authorizations for cross-departmental collaboration.

Share data... why, surely!

Each user can create exchange folders as required, complete with expiration date and access rights.

Folder Self Service is user-centered data management

About appropriate templates in migRaven.24/7 Web Interface allows employees to independently create and define new shared folders

  • as the directory says
  • where it is stored in the file server,
  • which persons receive read and / or write access,
  • if and when the directory should be removed automatically.

Once created, all participants receive an info email and can use the directory immediately. Due to the consistent implementation of Access Based Enumeration, it is only visible to this group of people, so it does not bother other users of the file system. The data owner can access these access rights at any time via the migRaven.24/7 Trace web interface and adjust or withdraw as needed.

Thus, Folder Self Service is a valuable aid in the control of project files, taking into account a clean authorization assignment.

Im migRaven.24/7 Web interface can be easily and quickly created template-based exchange directory. 

Secure data exchange with Folder Self Service

20.01.2020/34/XNUMX | XNUMX minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell