Standardization & automation of authorization managementSelf-management of access rights

In migRaven.24/7 Both the data owner and the members of the team are given the opportunity to manage the file storage themselves and thus use it more efficiently.

The focus here is on standardization and automation. Standardization means that migRaven.24/7 that sets legislation within the framework of narrow specifications based on clearly defined standards. The setting of rights is automated and is traceable and audit-proof at all times.

Revision security through standardization & automation

Data owners can in migRaven.24/7 Create folders and subfolders and adjust permissions at any time. You can manage the permissions of the folder structure in assigned directories or areas, as well as create new directories and delete those that are no longer needed. In addition, all team members are given the opportunity to use their own folders for projects or data exchange migRaven.24/7 to be created on which they themselves are data owners.

Folder and permission management for everyone means:
More flexibility, better compliance, relaxed IT department

This is also the focus here migRaven.24/7 data owner concept: Data managers (data owners or data officers) are used, who due to their position have the authority to decide who needs access to which files and which files are no longer needed and can therefore be archived or deleted.


Use Cases for use

  • Existing folders up to the 3rd level can be transferred to the migRaven authorization management.
    Thereby Data owners have comprehensive control over their existing folders and access rights - this is not possible with Windows on-board tools.
  • Creation of subdirectories with explicit rights (without template) up to the 3rd level
    Independent of configured templates, new subfolders can be created in the directory tree and given explicit access rights.
  • Delete directory (data owner, admin)
    Directories that were created via Folder Self Service or in the authorization management of migRaven.24/7 recorded can be deleted in the directory tree using the Overlay button. This function is available to the migRaven administrators and the respective data owners.

migRaven.24/7 Permission management in the video

Im migRaven.24/7 The data owner can use the web interface select a directory that has been assigned to him to manage or that he has created himself to control and edit access rights.

In an intuitive dialog, either individual users or entire groups are given read or change authorization.