"Fit for Fileserver" with the new migRaven Academy

IT experts keep pointing out that employees often act awkwardly and overwhelmed when new software is introduced in the company. Unused IT products are the result, as are project goals that are not achieved. This is often not just an economic fiasco, it also increasingly leads to serious security problems in companies. Team members with no experience in using software are often unflatteringly dubbed "DAU" by IT professionals. However, this so-called “stupidest possible user” is usually not freed from all IT-related tasks and processes through no fault of their own.

The competence in the team is not used!
A lot of money is invested in the introduction of new software. However, a lack of training in dealing with the IT infrastructure means that more than 50% of all software products in companies are not used today.

With migRaven.24/7 you get an innovative software with which your file servers are tidied up and can be used much more efficiently through user-centric data management. Without the involvement of the team, this innovative software loses its effectiveness.

Therefore, with the new migRaven Academy, we ensure that the software is actually used through qualified training and individual support of the users and that the project goals are achieved.

From DAU to SCHAU!

"We know that many customers simply lack the resources to prepare the teams for digital changes and to train and support them sufficiently after the introduction of new software products", reports Karsten Morschett, head of the migRaven Academy. "With the training courses offered by our academy, we relieve the IT departments and take over the complete support and training of the users."

The range of training courses is wide-ranging: motivational workshops reduce the user's fear of the upcoming change. Training courses tailored to employees make them fit for digital change. The tutorials offered support the daily use of the new software. "We see that it very quickly becomes much cheaper for companies if software is really optimally used", says Morschett, who has already accompanied change processes in other companies. “Only trained team members can use their know-how properly. Because software is only as good as those who use it.” With the migRaven Academy, the foundation has been laid that the "DAU" very quickly becomes the "SCHAU", the "smartest user to be assumed".

The migRaven Academy starts on February 14, 2022.
You can find out more about what the migRaven Academy has to offer here: www.migRaven.com/akademie

The training offers at a glance:

  • Authority Workshop
    Personal, qualified support in the migration process
  • File server analysis
    Well-founded insights into the file server structure and good arguments for your digitization project
  • migRaven.24/7 for data owners
    We make your data owners fit to work with you migRaven.24/7 on the newly structured file server
  • migRaven.24/7 team training
    We make your teams fit to work with you migRaven.24/7 on the newly structured file server
  • mr.24/7 Training for IT professionals
    We make your IT specialists fit to work with you migRaven.24/7
  • Additional module project planning
    All-round carefree package for the organization around it
  • Keynote speech
    With a keynote speech and a half-day workshop, we make you fit for digital transformation processes.
  • World Café
    As part of an all-day workshop, your teams will be encouraged to participate in the digital transformation in a relaxed atmosphere.

"Fit for Fileserver" with the migRaven Academy
As part of these offers, we support you from the initial analysis of your file server to the preliminary concept and installation to accompanying introductions for specialists in technology and administration as well as for users. So that your company is "Fit for Fileserver" again!