The extensive migRaven online help also offers expert knowledge

You have long wanted to know how to optimize existing directory structures or simply clean up the Active Directory? Then you should take your time and have a look at our online help throw. The migRaven online help offers detailed help pages for using our software migRaven.24/7 also extensive technical knowledge pages for the optimal use of file servers. Best practice recommendations included.

The most important categories at a glance
Strategy for the introduction and use of migRaven.24/7
migRaven.24/7 Use for everyone
migRaven.24/7 Use for analysts and owners
migRaven.24/7 Use for admins
Best practices

Strategy for the introduction and use of migRaven.24/7

In the category Strategy for the introduction and use of migRaven.24/7 is the philosophy and concept behind migRaven.24/7 clearly and gives practical tips on using the software.
For example: Simply clean up Actice Directory
Experience has shown that Active Directory (AD) structures are difficult to understand and manage with Microsoft's own resources. There is a high dynamic in large companies: new objects are created and deleted. The objects are regularly nested with one another, undocumented. In environments with more than 250 accounts, this leads to constellations after a certain time that are difficult to understand and manage. A cleanup is required for reasons of cost and audit security.
This article shows how you can get an overview of the current AD structure and - no less important - how to clean up the complex, confusing structures.

There are also selected ones in the Strategy for Implementation and Deployment section Video contributionsthat have different subjects too migRaven.24/7 specifically show:

  • Identifying Data Owners
  • Data structure visualisation
  • Setting up Data Retention
  • Installation demo migRaven.24/7

migRaven.24/7 Use for everyone

The area migRaven.24/7 Use for everyone includes all help pages for using the migRaven desktop client and the migRaven web client and also gives practical tips on how to set up a directory structure optimally and why grown file server structures should be optimized.
How do I create data retention jobs? How can I create directories for a project in Self Service? How can directories be deleted automatically? How can I be a data owner with migRaven.24/7 identify and assign? These and more questions are answered in this section. The user manuals for the Data Retention and Folder Self Service functions round off the area.

migRaven.24/7 Use for analysts and owners

The category migRaven.24/7 Use for analysts and owners revolves around understanding the structures and data and provides detailed instructions on all reports and analyzes that come with migRaven.24/7 possible are.
You will also find answers here on how migRaven can be used to easily analyze all authorizations of a specific user that apparently can no longer be used and can therefore be deactivated. Furthermore, the group membership analysis, the Active Directory statistics and best practices analysis on the currently assigned NTFS authorizations are presented.

migRaven.24/7 Use for admins

In migRaven.24/7 Use for admins IT administrators can find out everything about installing and configuring migRaven.24/7. There is also a lot of information on the operating concept of migRaven.24/7, licensing, the current release notes and a lot more.

Best practices

Among the Best practice article are some technical articles on various file server topics that are particularly interesting for admins and IT-savvy readers, such as:

In summary, the online help for all user groups of migRaven.24/7 Versatile help pages with image and video material and also a knowledge base with strategies and concepts for a file server that is characterized by greater usability, security and efficiency.

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