migRaven Update: Significant new features in the January release

We are pleased to present you with the most important innovations here Release of the latest migRaven version 7.5.24003.1 of January 22, 2024. This update marks a significant advancement in the management and security of your data. It mainly focuses on optimizing task management and expanding user interaction to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.

These are the main changes

The main changes concern the Task Management, in which numerous improvements for migRaven.one-license holders have been implemented. The innovations include one Merge/Purge selector switch for migration tasks, which refines the way data is transferred in connection with the use of Robocopy.
Additional table columns such as “Delete Source Folder” and “Merge/Purge” have been added to increase the clarity and usability of task management. New status information categories Error/Error and Warning provide more precise feedback on the status of migration tasks. Advanced filter options and the opportunity to Mass editing of task characteristics make it easier to manage and customize tasks on a large scale.

A significant expansion is this improved account management. Account status information is now visible throughout migRaven, making user account management more transparent. This is supplemented by the optimized display of archived projects, which now enables direct access to archives and at the same time increases data security in archive projects.

At the nuclear licensing A significant change has been made by adjusting the account counting method, allowing for more accurate and fair billing. In addition, the Data Owner Management enriched with the addition of new columns such as “File Count,” “File Size,” and “Age,” providing deeper insight into directory usage.

The update also includes important corrections to existing functions

Among other things, problems in the directory tree, database logic and access management have been fixed, ensuring smoother and more secure data management. The desktop client experience has also been enriched with text and functionality improvements to make our users' daily work easier.

We invite you to explore these innovations and unleash the full potential of your data management with migRaven. You can find the release notes for version 7.5.24003.1 in the Online help see. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is available support@migraven.com is available for storage, management and analysis.