New! migRaven.24/7 goes cloud

The business software migRaven.24/7 ensures order in the file system and makes working with the file server pleasant, efficient and secure again. One of the most important functions of migRaven.24/7 it is therefore to free the file systems from the many unused ROT data (redundant, obsolete, trivial), which make up about 70% -80% of the total data.

New: Push the old data into the cloud
So far, the archive directory could either be created within the original directory or moved to another, cheaper server. However, since the obsolete data take up a large part of the already scarce storage space and thus also cause high costs, it is worthwhile to use an inexpensive alternative for storing the cold data. A rented and fail-safe disk space in the cloud, as provided by Amazon, is perfect for this.

How does outsourcing cold data to the AWS Cloud work?
Without going deep into the technical details here: The AWS Storage Gateway can be configured as a volume gateway to display cloud-based iSCSI block storage volumes vis-à-vis your local applications. Since these volumes are integrated into the local file system and behave like local hard disks, the user can access the archived data directly in the familiar file system without having to rethink. You can find out everything about the AWS Storage Gateway or the Volume Gateway at or

With the use of the AWS Storage Gateway offers migRaven.24/7 many advantages:
Outsourcing cold data to the cloud massively reduces storage costs and frees up considerable storage space. If you consider that around 70% of all data is transferred from the file system, there is automatically more order in the file system and relevant data can now be found quickly. The obsolete data stored in the hybrid cloud storage can be accessed very quickly and is encrypted during transmission and also encrypted in AWS when idle. On further advantages are well presented.

AWS price calculator
To estimate your Storage Gateway costs, you can use Amazon's official pricing calculator: AWS Storage Gateway only charges you for what you use. The costs incurred are calculated based on the type and amount of memory used, the requests made and the amount of data transferred by AWS.

Learn more about the setup and use in the practice webinar
To set up and use the AWS Storage Gateway with migRaven.24/7 we organize free practice webinars at regular intervals. You can find all webinar dates here. You are also welcome to arrange an individual webinar with us there.