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MKW Trading GmbH (Switzerland)

MKW Trading GmbH has been active on the Swiss IT market as a problem solver in the network since 1992 and sells with great Success system software in the areas of digitization, office automation, communication, system security, migration, data management and software distribution.

Creative Consulting GmbH (Mainz | Frankfurt)

Creative Consulting advises medium-sized companies and authorities on IT security issues and the use of suitable solutions in the areas of cyber security, automated forensics on the end device, central documentation of all PII processes according to GDPR, evolution in the business workflow and dynamic network access control of applications.

CIO Solutions GmbH (Berlin)

Professional authorization management & IT security solutions for German SMEs. For 10 years "CIO Solutions GmbH" stands for customer-oriented consulting and efficient, proven solutions in IT security for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and offers tailor-made solutions and consultations for highly complex topics.

AZ-IT GmbH & Co. KG (Günz / Westerheim)

For over 14 years we have been taking care of all matters relating to IT in your practice. But small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) also benefit from our experience. We analyze, advise, plan and implement. From the idea to the finished solution, we offer you full service from a single source.

aikux Service GmbH (Berlin)

Aikux Service GmbH is a specialist for the migration of company data and access rights. With the experience from several hundred projects in companies, authorities and international organizations and the knowledge of the special requirements of various industries, we can offer you practice-proven solutions and individual implementation.

Connectware Distributions GmbH (Mühltal)

Standardized IT security solutions are like the wall of a castle. They protect against mass attacks, but for the spy or saboteur, these are no obstacle. New technologies to ensure internal network and information security are therefore a prerequisite for the effective protection of a company's information resources.

kelobit IT-Experts GmbH (Halle, Leipzig)

In the areas of security, management, compliance and data protection, the kelobit IT experts are on the go for regional and national customers. Despite the fact that the solutions harmonize perfectly with one another and partially exchange information, you can also purchase them independently - we adapt them individually to your infrastructure.

DMN Solutions GmbH (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Dresden, Vienna)

"DMN Solutions GmbH" is an experienced team of IT specialists dedicated to the topic of high-performance networking. Everything started with solutions for network troubleshooting, analysis and application performance monitoring. As a result of the customer's requirements, additional topics such as IT security were added.

Our migRaven.24/7 distributor

Prianto GmbH (DACH)

Prianto GmbH was founded in 2009 by William Geens and Oliver Roth and is now one of the leading distributors of enterprise software in Germany. Prianto has also been represented in Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland since 2011, followed by the Benelux in 2012, Poland in 2014 and France in 2016. In 2017, branches opened for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Adriatics. Prianto has also been available in Canada since 2019.

“Prianto's excellent contacts to high-selling IT Partnern and software resellers for the migRaven.24/7 Partner Channel is a valuable multiplier. We expect the number to multiply this year migRaven.24/7 Sales thanks to the strong support of Prianto. "

- Jan Engelmann, Partnermanager, migRaven GmbH -

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