migRaven.24/7 Partnerprogram

Given the growing mountains of data, data management is becoming more important, more innovative – and, last but not least, more profitable.

With our data management solution migRaven.24/7 Large companies clean up their file server data and sustainably reduce the costs of archiving, managing and using the file system. Doing so migRaven.24/7 for quick implementation and easy-to-understand core functions. 

We offer you

  • a product with clear added value and low complexity
  • project protection
  • attractive margins
  • active support in project implementation
  • Support for marketing campaigns

You are a particularly good match for us if:

  • You deal with storage and want to offer customers a sensible alternative to HSM or other archiving systems.
  • you already Partner from manufacturers in the field of authorization management. (Solarwinds ARM, tenfold, etc.)
  • You deal with directory structures in customer projects.
  • you Partner from archiving software providers and, in addition to IT problems, also want to address an optimization of the specialist areas.
  • You deal with the topic of document management and know that the classic file server will continue to play a central role in the future.
  • You see yourself as a well-positioned software reseller with outbound sales to customers with three-digit (and more) user numbers.
  • You are looking for an addition to your portfolio that is well suited for cross-selling.

3 strong features

1. Create transparency: analysis of data structures

migRaven.24/7s analysis tools shows where the outdated data lies, who is responsible for which data and how complex the company's data structure is. The analysis functions are available to all interested parties with the free trial version of migRaven.24/7. >> Find out more

2. Data Retention - Get rid of old data mountains

Our solution addresses the data mountain of 80% outdated file server data, which forms in all companies. migRaven.24/7 offers an exit strategy for this data, which is easily sorted out by the specialist departments using data retention and actually removed from the file system. 80% fewer files and directories result in a significantly higher overview and productivity for each individual user of the file system. >> Find out more

3.Access Manager - user-centric data management

migRaven.24/7 puts essential data management processes in the hands of the specialist departments via a web interface. In addition belongs, that the Data Owner Decide on the access rights of other users in your area. An easy-to-use interface allows them, view and manage existing access rights. >> Find out more

With the Folder Self Service you can all users create predefined folder types with just a few clicks and without help from IT and for others Users release. The IT department is significantly relieved by the complete and secure self-administration of project folders, process folders and exchange folders. >> Find out more

Judgment of the IT Administrator trade magazine:

“Optimal for medium and large companies to relieve the IT department, save costs and achieve more effective self-management of directories. [more]"


you can migRaven.24/7 present in your portfolio? Then please contact us via our central contact form...