The migRaven product family puts an end to the data mountain and guides you with user-driven data management
to a tidy, secure file system.

Comprehensive analysis functions, radically effective cleanup processes and a seamless management system
Put the control over company data step by step into the hands of the right employees.

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DATA MANAGEMENTEfficient work through order in the file system

migRaven.24/7 means more efficiency in the file system - for all users. By initially sorting out 80% old files and folders, their employees can concentrate on their relevant data instead of spending time with the file server. Automatic retention policies and self-government make the data mining sustainable.

With the help of the web interface, users can decide on their own data and ensure significantly more order on the file server. This means, for example, data exchange with secure access rights, team and project folders, temporary files with deletion date as well as an always accessible archive.

migRaven.24/7 Relieves the IT by a user-driven Data management concept.

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Migrate fileserver
and for Windows

Once: clean up the file server, set clean permissions, done. for windwos restructures historically grown directory and authorization structures. Migrations, consolidations or completely new, needs-based file systems are also included easy to implement. Always correct access rights are just as inclusive as data owner functions, in order to incorporate the needs of the specialist departments in the restructuring process.

Migrate Novell Trustees to for Novell

From Novell Trustees Microsoft access rights - intelligent and complete.

With for Novell The future-proof transfer of a Novell file system into a Microsoft file server system according to Microsoft Best Practice becomes possible. A new target structure can be planned and then provided with new, consistent and efficient access rights. uses intelligent role mining to create clean NTFS access permissions.