Your compass for administration, auditing and migration of the file server With migRaven.Analyzer Capture, quantify and classify data and permissions

To better manage explosive data growth, save costs, and get more value from your file and object data, you must first understand your data and permissions. For example, learn what's out of date and stop treating all data the same way. Instantly get fast, actionable insights into petabytes of unstructured data and thousands of objects in Active Directory.

Make better informed decisions faster with data-driven intelligence

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence detects and analyzes migRaven.Analyzer continuously sensitive and other valuable data – at scale. It recognizes a variety of aspects of your unstructured data, including age, type, last access, location, access permissions, internal and external sharing rights, and more.

Computer says "no"!

Display of the data status in Windows File Explorer Because the support that Windows offers is mostly modest, hidden in complex menus or reserved entirely for administrators.

Have you ever tried to find out where old data is or specifically searched for particularly large files? Can you designate data owners for directories? Do you know if video files are piling up somewhere in the ninth subdirectory? Can you just check who works in a departmental directory or who actually has access there?

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migRaven.Analyzer Request

Regardless of whether you have a general question, a price inquiry or a desired test:

Could you answer these questions today?

  • How many objects do we have?
  • What file types do we have?
  • How is data used by departments and people?
  • How are permissions organized?
  • Which records are accessed most frequently (hot) and less frequently (cold)?
  • Which data is out of date?
  • Where are permissions broken?
  • Who determines what data when asked? (data owner)
20.05.2019 | 36: 07 minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell
21.01.2019 | 52: 34 minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell