The fastest way to the object you are looking for

We solve the 5 most common problems when dealing with unstructured data

The migRaven.24/7 Desktop client provides an additional, easily accessible interface under Windows in form of a File explorer extension available.

This gives every user direct access to the functions My folders and Folder Self Service.

My Folders provides the fastest possible structured access to the directories and data that the user regularly works with, significantly increasing user effectiveness. The Folder Self Service allows you to quickly create and authorize directories, for example for shared projects or for exchanging files.


Easier data organization:

With the migRaven Desktop Client we enable you to do so revolutionary Type of data organization. Thanks to our advanced tagging feature you can you Make your file structure flexible without ever having to physically move data.


Faster data access:

The intuitive tag-based structuring allows you to find the information you need faster than ever before.


Improved collaboration:

The migRaven Desktop Client promotes efficient teamwork. Our solution enables teams to access a common, clearly structured database, making collaboration and information sharing easier.


Reduce data management costs:

Reduce your IT costs with our client. Efficient data organization reduces administrative effort and the need for additional storage solutions.


More security in data management:

We assure you of safer data management. The clear structuring and tagging system minimizes the risk of data loss and makes compliance with data protection guidelines easier.

Optimize data organization

The only thing that grows faster than the mountain of data is the effort it causes.