migRaven.24/7Efficient work through order in the file system

The Exit strategy for the data mountain

migRaven.24/7 establishes a new concept of data management on your file server. Open up with your users and the help of migRaven.24/7 an efficient file system without mountains of data, without chaotic directories and without excessive access rights.

Once cleaned up - sustainably consistent

migRaven.24/7 sets essential processes of data management per Web Interface in the hands of the specialist departments. Folder Self Service enables employees to manage their exchange and project directories themselves. Likewise, all data owners can use the preconfigured data retention policies to store old data.

migRaven.24/7 Obsolete Data Report
- Breakdown of the data age -

migRaven.24/7 Best Practice Report
- Evaluation of authorization structures -

Warning signals

Tens of thousands of files per user, 80% outdated data, deeply nested folders, intransparent access rights. This is how virtually every file system looks like after a few years of use. And that must change, because this data and rights chaos is inefficient, error prone and not least enormously expensive.

Data chaos as a cost factor

Through long searches, redundant folders and resulting human errors, a loss of 30-60 minutes a day, per user, according to market analyst Gartner! For only 500 users with an imputed hourly rate of 40 €, the calculated annual costs are already in the clearly 7-denominated euro area.

Every minute waste of time
costs you more than migRaven.24/7

User-centered data management

Imagine, your accountant would ask the installer of his filing cabinet where the folders belonged and who should receive a key. This absurd situation is reality on many file servers and IT is responsible for these same questions.

Know what you want: specialist departments

migRaven.24/7 enables your employees, iOrganize data yourself, separate old data, operate cross-departmental data exchange and Project- or create team directories. Always included are appropriate access rights and a massive relief of IT.

The IT department can define data owners from the departments and assign specific directories to them. Here the data owner can start ad hoc data retention or important data from the data retention exclude.  

migRaven's Tree View: Breakdown of the age distribution of data, file types as well as authorized users.

Data owners and administrators can easily manage their respective directory spaces for the data retention process Release ...

...while the Global Data Retention Policy looks after the regular flow of old data.

This is how Data Retention works

From the user's perspective, Data Retention creates a streamlined directory structure for working efficiently with current data. Old folders and files disappear from the field of view, but remain accessible with one click. Together with the consistent revision of all access rights to Microsoft Best Practices Data Retention initiates a sustainable cleanup process.

The advantages of the "Exit Option for data "

The more manageable structure also increases the satisfaction and effectiveness of the employees, the storage costs can be reduced by storing the passive data on another storage and security is also increased. Because: Fewer directories with a simultaneously flatter structure means more overview and thus more security.

Folder Self Service

Users can independently use the Folder Self Service through their web browser and create directories for their teams or projects that assign access permissions to specific people and even determine when the created folder should automatically be removed. This will be migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service meets the high demand for dynamic, cross-departmental file exchange while meeting all security requirements.