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migRaven.24/7 was developed to make working with the file server more pleasant, more efficient and safer zu make. The software also offers extensive functions for analyzing the data and authorization structure, for user-controlled reduction of the amount of data (intelligent archiving), for authorization management and for secure, internal file sharing.

migRaven.24/7 Analyzers (migRaven.Analyzer)

Whether as part of migRaven.24/7 Software suite or as a standalone: ​​Our analyzer provides the transparency for your decisions.

Transparency as the basis for decisions

Anyone who, as an administrator or data owner, wants to get a clear view or just an overview of the data and authorizations on the file server will not get anywhere with the on-board tools. But transparency on the file server and in the Active Directory is necessary to make well-founded decisions. With the analysis tools from migRaven.24/7 shows where obsolete data is located, who is responsible for which data.

migRaven.24/7 Best Practice Report
- Evaluation of authorization structures -

migRaven.24/7 Data Retention explained

Intelligent archiving

migRaven.24/7 Data Retention puts essential parts of the ongoing data archiving in the hands of the specialist departments via web interface. The IT department gives responsibility for the content of data back to where it belongs: in the specialist departments. She names the data owners, who then independently decide when which data can be archived.

Know what you want: specialist departments

migRaven.24/7 enables your employees, iOrganize data yourself, separate old data, operate cross-departmental data exchange and Project- or create team directories. Always included are appropriate access rights and a massive relief of IT.


The IT department can define data owners from the departments and assign specific directories to them. Here the data owner can start ad hoc data retention or important data from the data retention exclude.  

migRaven.24/7 Access Manager

authorization management

migRaven.24/7 puts essential data management processes in the hands of the specialist departments via a web interface. This also includes the data owners deciding on the access rights of other users in their area. An easy-to-use interface allows you to view and manage existing access rights.

User-centered data management

Imagine, your accountant would ask the installer of his filing cabinet where the folders belonged and who should receive a key. This absurd situation is reality on many file servers and IT is responsible for these same questions.


Create new directories yourself and manage permissions

The Folder Self Service function addresses an actually simple but often time-consuming IT problem in practice: Users have to share and exchange data flexibly and securely. The file server does not offer a satisfactory solution out-of-the-box.

Any bad decision on the file server costs you more than migRaven.24/7

migRaven's Tree View: Breakdown of the age distribution of data, file types as well as authorized users.

Data owners and administrators can easily manage their respective directory spaces for the data retention process Release ...

...while the Global Data Retention Policy looks after the regular flow of old data.