migRaven.one for OES

From Open Enterprise Server (OES, formerly Novell) to Microsoft migrate

With this migRaven.one Edition will be the future-proof transition of an Open Enterprise Server file systems into a Microsoft file server system according to Microsoft Best Practice. A new target structure can be planned and then given new consistent and efficient access rights. migRaven.one uses intelligent role mining to create clean NTFS access permissions.

migRaven.one Migration for OES
is compatible with

  • Novell 5.5 Onwards
  • Microfocus Novell
  • Microfocus Open Enterprise Server
  • Opentext Open Enterprise Server

migRaven's Best Practice Report...

Novell is out of the race:

Despite better authorization system, sooner or later the migration to NTFS file server from Microsoft, NetApp or EMC is due - and all access rights must be rebuilt! migRaven.one automates this complex process and transfers it IYour Novell access rights to the Windows world - fast, consistent, strictly in accordance with Microsoft Best Practice.

Microsoft Best Practice

migRaven.one for Novell, Microsoft has mastered the best practices for assigning authorizations. Taking into account depth of authorization, list authorizations, access based enumeration, TokenSize and more, a consistently consistent authorization structure is created according to your specifications.

The old OES access permissions can be changed via the Trustee.xml in migRaven.one Imported. Then forms migRaven.one in its database according to your specifications from the existing OES authorizations a structure of all authorizations, authorization groups and also auxiliary authorizations, such as the complex list authorizations. The permissions can be accessed directly in migRaven.one considered, reviewed and revised as necessary. After validation, you will be written to the ACLs of all directories at the push of a button in the shortest possible time, making the new, clean permissions effective.