migRaven.one Migration and consolidation for file servers

The data on the file servers of large organizations have often grown historically and have over the years, a considerable complexity reached, the users and administrators alike overwhelmed. Inevitably, parallel structures, redundancies and incorrect access rights arise. Eliminating the single, accidentally detected bug does not help here. But often, due to lack of possibilities, the actual state is still recorded.

At the latest during a file server migration or the preparations for an IAM system, the consistency of these structures should receive special attention.

Migration and consolidation
data and permissions

migRaven.one stands for a holistic restructuring of data and access rights in the Microsoft environments of large organizations. Data, directories, users and access rights are recorded as a complete structure and optimized using graph theoretic approaches.

In the Best Practice Report, important parameters such as authorization depth, inheritance interruptions, direct authorizations and orphaned ACEs are processed in order to make it possible to draw conclusions about the actual status of your authorization structure.


migRaven.one first provides analyzes of your entire folder and rights structure. Various reports such as the Best Practice Report and the Obsolete Data Report provide you with comprehensive information about your current situation. Whether overly complex directory structures, data heaps, incorrect authorizations, orphaned AD objects or recursive group memberships - migRaven.one uncovers the causes of your problems and thus allows you to take the first step towards the desired clean-up process.


Thanks to a special graph database, migRaven can simulate complete directory and authorization structures, thus ensuring a comfortable and secure redesign. Data owners and administrators work together to revise folder structures, sort out old data and correct access rights. It coordinates migRaven.one the cooperation and takes into account the wishes and needs of all involved alike. This results in a significantly simpler data, folder and rights structure within a very short time.


The migration of a file system is included migRaven.one basically linked to an automatic restructuring of all access rights. Likewise, directory structures can be simplified and data separated by data retention. How to optimize with migRaven.one incidentally, your entire file storage, instead of just pushing data from A to B.

The results of the Obsolete Data Report allow you to see in advance how many of your data and directories are outdated or obsolete. Goal of every migration with migRaven.one is the sustainable simplification of these important data structures.