Professional Services

With the practical experience of hundreds of projects, we define standards for optimal permissions that go far beyond Microsoft best practices. Upon request, our consultants will accompany you through your individual data and authorization project - with analyzes, workshops, technical service and training courses.

The focus of the work of migRaven GmbH is the efficient handling of the central IT systems of your company - Active Directoy and file server. Orderly data and access rights structures make end users work faster and more securely, while administration is automated and IT is significantly relieved. With our advice, we combine the interests of all employees to get the most out of your project.


Presentation and analysis

1 - 2 hours remotely or by phone

Deep Dive - Presentation migRaven

  • Presentation, test installation and shared Deep Dive
  • Clarification of technical and sales issues

Project planning

  • Needs analysis and clarification of possible solutions
  • Rough estimate of the time and financial effort

Workshops image

Concept: Workshops

2 days on site + solution-oriented documentation

Workshop - authorization concept

  • System analysis and know-how transfer
  • Conception of new legal structures + documented solutions

Workshop - authorization concept (tenfold, 8MAN, etc.)

  • System analysis and know-how transfer from the access rights specialist
  • Conception of new legal structures + documented solutions

Workshop - Fileserver Restructuring and Migration

  • Analysis of the file system regarding usability, security and processes
  • Conception of the migration path + documented solutions

Technical service Image

Implementation: Technical service

Number of days depending on the project, on site or remotely

Tech. Service - Restructuring Access Rights - for Windows

  • Holistic optimization of authorization structures

Tech. Service - Migration and Redesign - Windows to Windows

  • Migration and redesign of directories, rights and data

Tech. Service - Migration - Novell to Windows

  • Transfer of directories and Novell rights to Microsoft

Tech. Service - Integration of tenfold

  • Optimal configuration of tenfold

Tech. Service - Powershell scripting

  • Creation of individual PS scripts for your project

Training image

Continuation: Training

1 - 2 days on site

Training - NTFS access rights

  • Fundamentals, Best Practice and Practical Knowledge for the Granting of Rights
  • Ability to consistently process NTFS rights structures

Training - File Server Migration and Restructuring

  • Dangers, opportunities, methods and optimization potential
  • Ability to migrate folders, access rights, and data

Training - technical application

  • Technical basics as well as all features and their functionality
  • Ability to use the software independently

Training - tenfold IDM - Integration and Technology

  • Preparation of the file system and configuration of the software
  • Ability to fully integrate into a live system

Training tenfold IDM - User training

  • All features and cases of daily rights administration
  • Capability for reporting and administration of access rights