Less data, fewer problems.

Solutions for the IT department

For the IT department, data means more work and more data means more work. This starts with managing the space, applies to increasing backup times, and listens the increased effort for the authorization management not on.

Who is an administrator or Data owner (Data Owner) on the file server Durchblick or just want to get an overview of data and permissions, is with the of the Operating system not available on board. But transparency is absolute necessary, to understand data structures and in the end to streamline and re-assign ordnen.

Less data, less costs.

Solutions for the company

Not only the GDPR demands that companies know where the important and sensitive data actually lie. Unstructured data have one thing in common: they are distributed more or less uncontrollably over the file system, are stored in deeply nested directories and cause more problems Regard costs.

For example, research has shown that employees spend up to an hour working to find the right file. Even if yourself not completely can avoid a significant savings will be realized.