Exit strategy for data

Data management for companies pays off

Would you plan a parking garage without an exit? Or go in one? Nobody would seriously come up with such an idea.

But when it comes to storing data in companies, this is exactly what happens: since the digital data storage in companies, huge amounts of data have accumulated on local systems: concepts, texts, spreadsheets, presentations, calculations, photos, movies, etc. And everyone Day will be more. If the storage space is full, the administrator simply puts a new, larger disk into the server or more storage space is being added in the cloud.

Hardly anyone develops a concept for how data can be sorted out and safely removed from the systems.

So the real problem is not solved, but it will be tightened further. It will be estimated 80% of the Data is no longer needed today. Ascending trend.
The problems of this flood of data are obvious, because more data causes more problems:

  • The Efficiency in handling data decreases
  • The Privacy is in danger
  • The Data security decreases
  • administrative expenses

With migRaven.24/7 Data Retention Your data management simplify

migRaven.24/7 worries with the Data retention function for an automated, regular outflow of obsolete or unused data from the production system. By integrating the departments In this process, the concerns of data management are borne by the workforce and the acceptance is significantly increased.

With the also in migRaven.24/7 available Folder Self Service all users can use their newly created data - up to secure Thurry with colleagues - manage them yourself and give them a runtime from the start, after which the data is automatically removed.

migRaven.24/7 Data Retention in Video

This is how Data Retention works