Create folders, set runtime, share Your file server can do that - with migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service

From electronic filing cabinets to collaboration

No matter how big the company is: Employees have to exchange their data with one another in an increasingly flexible manner and work with it together. The rigid structures on the file server, however, come from a time when digital file storage was still very much based on a real filing cabinet. Access was clearly regulated and rarely changed. The Administrator literally has (had) the key to the data, the data owner in case of doubt: none Access.

Organize collaboration easily yourself

Expanded with Folder Self Service migRaven.24/7 the file server for precisely this flexibility in data access that has become necessary: ​​every employee can create a folder himself with just a few clicks and specify which colleagues can read or write it.


Manage folders yourself, but do it right! With folder self service.

The folder is then immediately available and all authorized persons receive in the background a corresponding information by email.

For this self-created folder, the employee is also automatically the data owner, ie he can continue to manage the authorizations after the creation, ie add or remove users and also determine a deletion date for the folder.

More security every day. From now on.

With migRaven.24/7 Folder Self Service doesn't even give colleagues the idea of ​​using sensitive or confidential data Email around send (And possibly accidentally a wrong addressee from the suggestion list to choose) or to put this into an open exchange directory for everyone.

This solution in a short video


How to create a folder with Folder Service

  • Select / change a template
  • Name directory
  • Enter data owner (directory manager).
  • Specifying Other Eligible Accounts
  • Specify further settings / expiry date
  • Usage Notice
  • Comment on creation