Transparency about access permissions Analysis and evaluation of the permissions on the file server

Unauthorized internal access is the greatest IT security risk, according to an IBM study at companies. An essential line of defense against the threat of data misuse not only from within the company is sensibly restricted user rights. For this, companies urgently need clarity with regard to existing access authorizations and a consistent authorization structure on their file servers.

Know who has access where.

Who can actually access everything on directory XY?

Who has access to this folder?

Difficult to imagine, but true - this question can hardly be answered with Windows tools. migRaven.24/7 however, penetrates the complex group structures and shows them effective Access rights of the resource.

What does this user have access to?

Sounds easy to answer? It is also when the existing information is merged to show not only group affiliation but effective access rights.

With migRaven.24/7 evaluate the permissions on the file server as a whole

Active Directory visualization & statistics

The AD Statistics first gives you a quantitative overview of the existing user accounts and security groups in all read in ADs. At a glance, you can see if the number of users and computer accounts and the security groups used are consistent. In addition, you can migRaven.24/7 Browse comfortably through your AD objects to understand the complex relationships, memberships, and relationships between user accounts and permission groups. This allows targeted and clear information to obtain if there are questions about the permissions of individual users or groups.

Permission levels

To make the administration of authorizations as easy as possible, authorizations should not be assigned too deeply. Level 3 of the directory structure has proven to be the optimal directory depth. Because at every level, list permissions must also be set up so that the user can even access the actual directory. The Best Practice Report provides important details Key figures and shows Explain in detail how deep the permissions in your environment are and what their consequences are.

migRaven.24/7 Best Practice Report