For simple structures & current data

The volume of data on the file systems of most companies has been growing at a rate of around 20-40% per year for many years. Ascending trend.

The proportion of usable data is steadily decreasing

As a result the veritable "data mountains" are now piling up on the file servers of many companies.

Obsolete Data Report for the analysis of mostly obsolete data structures

The Best Practice Report shows structural errors in the authorizations.

Using Ac Hoc Data Retention, obsolete data is separated from the data owner himself.

The data mountain is getting too big

The rising percentage of obsolete data does not just clog up directories. The large number of these files hinders and slows down the daily work of the employees and reduces their productivity and efficiency. Employees waste up to an hour a day searching for the right file or working with the wrong version of a file.

A new data culture

"More data leads to even more data" We show you how to get out of this vicious circle and create a new company data culture. We have developed solutions, concepts and processes that ensure the long-term, efficient use of your corporate data.