File server archiving that makes your employees more efficient!

The biggest cost factor in using the file server is the amount of time users spend to access their needed data.

According to a study on the lean office of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation, users waste a good 10 percent of their working time searching for documents in chaotic file directories. Gartner has come to similar conclusions and speaks of up to one hour a day per employee.


200 days * 1h * 40 € * 1.000 MA = 8.000.000 €

Calculated loss per year at 1.000 MA due to inefficient work with the file system according to Gartner.

Many data in confusing and faulty structures make the work slow and inefficient

Thousands of files distributed in many folders and subfolders make working with the file system more confusing, slower and more error prone. If the user has found the file he is looking for with great difficulty, he places it in a folder for security, which seems more intuitive to him and at the same time generates more chaos and redundant data.

More data still produces more data

Over time, due to uncertainty as to whether data is still relevant or already obsolete, more and more data remains in the productive directories even after many years, obscuring the view of the really needed active data. On average, 70-80% of unstructured data is already outdated in German companies and therefore no longer belongs in the production system.

Now with migRaven.24/7 Counteract data retention and save valuable time

From the user's perspective, Data Retention creates a streamlined directory structure for working efficiently with current data. Old folders and files disappear from the field of view, but remain accessible with one click. Along with the consistent overhaul of all access rights to Microsoft Best Practices sets migRaven.24/7 Data Retention a holistic cleanup process of your file server and AD structures.
Via a data owner Web Interface employees can independently initiate clean-up processes or mark areas that should be kept clean automatically using a retention policy.

20 working days account for file search, that's a whole month.

One hour a day - adds up to a month ...

One month per employee savings potential

Reports on obsolete data ...

... and complex legal structures ...

... are the 1. Step on your way.