migRaven.one File server migration Maximize the productivity and business value of your enterprise data

migRaven.one is designed to support both simple and advanced migrations over cloud services and to orchestrate between Windows, DFS (AD), EMC and Netapp systems.

From highly scalable and AI-driven intelligent file migrations - to syncing on-premises files to any cloud service -  migRaven.one is the scalable solution to clean up and migrate data and permissions.

As the most powerful and open enterprise migration platform available migRaven.one designed to handle virtually any complex file migration use case with exceptional speed and scale covers.

Suitable for companies of all sizes and industries

migRaven.one works with companies of all sizes and industries. We saw that migRaven.one provides significant benefits in the following enterprise file migration use cases:

  • Introduction of DFS
  • Clean up structures and permissions
    if gGrown file server structures cleaned (clean-up) and obsolete data from the grown directory tree separated and deleted or archived should be.
  • Restructuring of directories and permissions
    If companies have grown critical, deep directory structures flatter and want to clean up established authorization structures.
  • merge from structures and permissions
    If large amounts of unstructured data in the Companies from geographically distributed Locations need to be merged, especially if the data is transferred to a new domain with clean permissionsbecome T should.
  • use of Cloud services
    If companies want to outsource all or part of their storage services to the cloud.

What you should have "on the slip" of a file server migration

  • Data quality and integrity
  • Impact on business
  • Costs
  • Impact on user experience
  • Who can make binding decisions regarding the data? (data owner)
  • Links within files
  • Links to files (shortcuts)
  • Application directories


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