Get rid of dates with no regrets and no pain of separation Thanks to intelligent separation

Actually want it aI like to get rid of unnecessary data because it is in the way and blocks the view of the files that are really being searched for. And yet most users struggle when it comes to cleaning up the directories.

Removing data has to be easy and secure

Nobody deletes files, even if there is the slightest risk that the content of a file - or only part of it - may be needed again. If the employees are then commissioned by IT or the supervisor, in iIf you clean up your directories, you will probably delete ten or even twenty files. With an average of 20.000 - 40.000 files per user, this does not work.

migRaven.24/7 removes old data but does not delete anything

For this purpose, the old data are moved to where they are no longer in the way, but remain accessible if necessary. With the function Data Retention we make three promises to the users:

  1. The old data remain accessible
  2. The simple way it works is can also be used without in-depth IT knowledge
  3. Handling the remaining data becomes significantly more efficient

Very easily start

As the person responsible for the data, start with the really old data (eg 10 years and older) migRaven.24/7 Data retention from your department directory in its Abteilungsato move rchiv. Depending on your needs, you can exclude individual folders with one click. migRaven.24/7 then starts to create your departmental archive, which has its usual structure, sorting out the old data in the background and leaves Of course even empty folders disappear from the active file system.

Gradually, you can now dare to "younger" files and give up on an average of about 70% of the data, which can still be found in the countless folders of your file system to date.