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Finally a filter for personal data selection

My Folder offers you the option of filtering the view of the file server according to your individual specifications. Regardless of whether a folder is buried deep or in a rarely used share that is many clicks away - if it meets your filter criteria, it will now only be one in My Folders Click away!

This gives you a personal channel on the local file storage system in which all important files are centrally available in one place.

Filter by permissions

All directories for which you are entered as the data owner are displayed in the "Owner" area. Mostly these will be folders for projects that you have created yourself. But even if colleagues create a folder and assign you the corresponding role, the folder appears in this area.

The “Shared” area individually shows all folders that have been made available to you by the staff and authorize you to work together.

Filter by tags

migRaven has been offering since then Release 7.2.23129.1 the ability to create directories with freely selectable tags Mark. MWith this feature, structures are created the material moisture meter shows you the built from unstructured data. In addition to many other possible applications, these can then also be used to display files in My Folders that are tagged with certain tags or to hide other files from the field of view. 


Direct access to the data you regularly work with

With the installation of the migRaven.24/7 Desktop Clients also extends the context menu of the file explorer and becomes a control center for better and faster collaboration:

  • folder ecreate, assign runtime and authorizations,
  • Edit folder afterwards,
  • Delete folder.


Optimize data organization


Access directly from the context menu in File Explorer

With the installation of the migRaven.24/7 desktop clients The context menu of the file explorer is also expanded and becomes a control center for better and faster collaboration.

Currently can already the complete migRaven.24/7 Function "Folder Self Service" (FSS) via this Explorer Extension. 

With a right click you can:

  • migRaven.24/7 Create FSS folders, assign runtime and permissions
  • migRaven.24/7 Edit FSS folder afterwards,
  • migRaven.24/7 Delete FSS folder.