14.11.2023/28/XNUMX | XNUMX minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell

Revolutionize your data management with us migRaven.24/7 Tagging

How directory information (tags) can help you take back control.

As data grows, so does the structure in which this data is located. Das makes it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview in this unstructured system. But at the same time they are increasing Data management requirements. For example with personal data. GDPR requirements for companies on the file server are often nmaybe implementable because they don't even know where ecorresponding data lies.

With the Tagging feature from migRaven.24/7 you can now easily and flexibly additional level of information for metadata on your file server. This allows you to create structure in the chaos of unstructured data and maintain an overview, even if the mountains of data continue to grow. The use cases are only limited by your imagination: the markings set can be used for a variety of automated processes. Completely according to your ideas. 

In the webinar we will show you how you can... migRaven.24/7 Provide directories with freely definable tags, assign them to the self-defined categories and, above all, what you can do with it! Explore the wealth of possible uses, from automated classification to archiving according to retention periods.

See how you can with our tagging feature

  • Provide directories with freely definable tags,
  • Categorize your data effectively
  • Use automated processes for classification and archiving,
  • Increase your data management efficiency,
  • ensure the consistency of your data,
  • Improve data security and meet compliance requirements.