28.03.2023/58/XNUMX | XNUMX minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell

Migrate to SharePoint without fail.

did you know that Microsoft consultants strongly advise against setting permissions below the first level in SharePoint? Or that each SharePoint site only supports a certain number of objects? If you are planning a SharePoint migration, these are just two of some technical limitations and peculiarities that you should know before you start!

Join our webinar recording Expert Thomas Gomell Step by step in planning and implementing a fast, successful migration.

In addition to the technical implementation with the help of migRaven.one it's about qugh wins, possible show stopper and of course the question of whether everything really should be migrated to the cloud.

In the video we show you in a practical way how the optimal process of a SharePoint migration is and where the problem areas are. From planning the target environment to our "spring cleaning" in the database to the well-planned migration with scheduled Miration jobs.
See specifically how

  • migRaven.one creates the necessary transparency to be able to decide before the migration what does not need to be migrated at all,
  • you can significantly reduce the amount of data beforehand,
  • Dependencies are identified and handled elegantly,
  • the structure can be optimized during the migration,
  • the authorizations can be rebuilt at the same time,
  • the workflow engine ensures that the migration can be packed into smaller packages and then carried out in an orderly manner.