17.10.2023 | 34: 00 minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell

Antispam for the file server

The webinar is about migRaven.24/7 Data retention, which aims to identify and weed out stale data to improve the efficiency of data storage and use. The speaker explains how the ratio of relevant to irrelevant data has worsened over time, with the proportion of irrelevant data steadily increasing. This leads to confusing and overcrowded data structures, similar to a plate of spaghetti, making it difficult to access important documents.

The main problem is that in many environments there is no effective strategy for removing stale data. The speaker emphasizes the need for an “exit strategy” for data to bring the focus back to relevant information. Migrated's product uses automated processes to identify and outsource irrelevant data, resulting in cleaner and more efficient data structures.

Another issue is the tendency for directory structures to become more complex and deeper over time, leading to errors and loss of time. Migrated addresses this problem by outsourcing irrelevant data and thus simplifying the directory structures.

The speaker also explains how the system is implemented, including the technical requirements and setup process. It describes how the system scans, analyzes and stores data in an archive area with limited access rights to ensure security.

Finally, the economic advantages of the system are discussed. By optimizing data structure, companies can save significant time and associated costs because employees spend less time searching for and dealing with unstructured data.

The speaker emphasizes that migRaven.24/7 not only offers technical advantages, but can also have a positive influence on the economic success of a company.